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Senior Home Care Services in Vancouver

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Senior Home Care Services in VancouverWith an increasing number of baby boomers reaching “senior” status at age 65, there is a greater need for professional caregivers able to provide hourly or round-the-clock assistance, within private residences, instead of in a nursing home facilitiy. For family members or friends seeking a senior home care service for the first time, the process is often confusing and stressful. In many cases, an individual looking for a knowledgeable caregiver needs someone right away without going through a time-consuming interview and background screening process. Fortunately, Angel Home Care Services, specializes in providing in-home trained caregivers for senior citizens.

Determining the Right Type of Caregiver for a Senior Citizen

An independent senior citizen may resist the idea of an unrelated caregiver in their own home, especially when assistance is needed during the night. Family members seeking a caregiver for a spouse, parent or grandparent should discuss options with the senior citizen first. When contacting an agency that provides caregivers, its employees will want to find a caregiver who matches the personality of the senior citizen. There is also a wide variety of assistance provided by a caregiver, so it is important to consider your specific needs. A senior citizen in extremely poor health may need a registered nurse to assist them while someone in the earliest stages of dementia may require companion care from a home health aide. We can help with any home health care needs and will be happy to tailor a package that’s just right for you.

Families can Request Year-Round or Respite Care for Senior Citizens

There are studies that indicate that remaining in a familiar place is physically and mentally healthier for senior citizens. It is also more affordable for a senior citizen to live at home with the occasional or constant assistance of a professional caregiver rather than moving to a nursing home. Many senior citizens are able to take care of themselves but require help temporarily after surgery or for certain functions such as intravenous injections. A family may want to hire a background screened caregiver for respite care while they go on a business trip or vacation. Respite care is also helpful for giving family caregivers an occasional break from year-round senior citizen care.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Professional Caregiver

When contacting an agency that provides caregivers to work in a senior citizen’s home, it is necessary to choose between one that offers medical or routine care. Everyday routine care includes:

• Shopping for groceries each week
• Preparing healthy meals
• Housekeeping tasks such as washing dishes and clothing
• Medication reminders as specified by physicians
• Managing finances such as paying bills on time
• Using the telephone to make appointments
• Daily living tasks such as bathing

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